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Error Saving Design Config for one Store

Error Saving Design Config for one Store

We have Magento 2.4.2-p2 installed. We have one store view that we cannot save the Design Config for. We get an error that generally states there is an issue with our file upload settings. This is the only feed back i get for this store and all other stores in the website work fine. I have checked file permission and they seem ok. the file if a logo is changed is uploaded to the temp folder then if saved is moved to the proper stores logo folder. The change to the database never happens however as you get this error then if you refresh the page the old logo is displayed again. Even if you do not make changes to any fields and just click save you get this error. I have looked through all the logs i can fine and tried enabling debugging and i cannot find anything that is output when this issue happens. It smells of some sort of corruption. I checked the commandline and pulled up the show command for the store and i can see the data fields they look comparable to another working store. I am out of ideas here and would like to resolve this as im not sure we could change any of this data for the store if we needed to. Anyone have any thoughts?


Re: Error Saving Design Config for one Store


Is it showing 404 error while saving?

If yes, then you can follow this to get the required solution.


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Re: Error Saving Design Config for one Store

No, it is simply putting up a red box with the error saying there is a problem with our file upload settings (don't have to be uploading a file). The message on the magento UI is the only feedback i have on the issue as no other errors are generated that i can find. i tail the logs as i reproduce the issue and nothing shows up. 

Re: Error Saving Design Config for one Store

Hi all


Have same issue after upgrade to 2.4.3. If want change design have following message:

Something is wrong with the file upload settings.

Also nothing in logs. Do you have a solution?