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Error with API, error 500 on prod

Error with API, error 500 on prod



I have an error in Magento 2.


I am not able to:

1. Delete products on admin panel

 On logs I have only: main.ERROR: The "Test product 2" product couldn't be removed. [] []


2. Display delivery methods on checkout

On checkout (browsers console) I have only:


It goes to:/rest/default/V1/guest-carts/9YRuzDHTFjA3WnIGbdoUIKsTESAcmZrm/estimate-shipping-methods.

It has error 500 and response:


Exception #0 (LogicException): Service method specified in the definition of handler "product_action_attribute.update" for topic "product_action_attribute.update" is not available. Given "Magento\Catalog\Model\Attribute\Backend\Consumer:Smiley Tonguerocess"




When I enter I have following:

The error in browsers console is like above.


Additional information:

 - This is Magento 2 + Hyva

 - On local it works correctly

 - This site is using Cloudflare

 - This is a fresh project

 - I disabled any modules - no result


Does someone have any idea what could be the cause?