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M365 doesn't receive email

M365 doesn't receive email

Hi everyone. 

First a quick introduction. I work as an IT support person, mostly with different kind of server and workstation related matters. I'm not  too familiar with Magento. However, we have now encountered a problem that seems to be very difficult to resolve. Your help and comments would be much appreciated. 


Once customer makes an order, an email will be sent to the customer and to our shared email account (M365). We are using email within Magento when sending emails. Customer receives the email, but it does not arrive to our M365 located shared inbox. In general, external parties regardless whether it's a Google, M365 or something else can receive emails. It seems that it's specifically our tenant that can't receive emails from Magento. We have also tried to use email to send that does not use our company's domain name - no luck.

Magento version is 2.4.3-p1. Free version.


Here is what we have done:

- Added PTR, SPF and DKIM records.

- Sent successfully emails to other domains hosted in different places.

- Checked M365 quarantined emails
- Using Tracert, viewed incoming emails based on where the email should come from (sender), IP address, header, time
- Checked spoofs

- Checked blocked emails


There are no traces that the emails sent from Magento would reach our 365 at all. From what I heard, Magento does not offer tools to investigate logs.


Thanks in advance. Please let me know if I can provide any information and I'll do my best to get answers asap.