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Paypal payment process M24 has it changed from M1

Paypal payment process M24 has it changed from M1



This is question I have asked before, but I am putting it slightly differently. So apologises for that. 


In the past on M1 for example if I was using PayPal for my payment processor, as soon as a customer clicks on 'Pay Now/Order Now' button in checkout ro be taken to PayPal, there would be an order sitting in Magento Order Admin. With an order status of 'Pending' 


If the customer completed the purchase then the Order would be sitting in Order Admin with a an order status of 'Processing' 


If at the end of the day the order that was 'Pending' is still 'pending' we would phone up the customer and ask if we can help.  We get quite a few conversions.


But having tested the payment process in M2.4 it seems that the order does not display in the Magento Order Admin until the payment is completed. 


Is this change now the default process in M 2.4 when using PayPal? 


Many thanks in advance