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Problem with Cronjob and PayPal integration

Problem with Cronjob and PayPal integration


Could someone please help. I am using magento 2.1.3 on a shared server with cpanel.


I am having issues with the cronjobs, seems that each time they run some of them come up with reindex required. I am pretty new to magento and spending a lot of time learning and researching, but I cant seem to get this right and have to get the guys at my hosting company to look it to it for me.


Also, I am having trouble with PayPal integration. I set it up as shown in PayPal documentation and when I save the config, it says that the cache needs refreshing. I do this and it seems not to be working as when I purchase is made a error pops up saying -


PayPal gateway has rejected request. Billing address request is not enabled for merchant (#11601: Request for billing address failed).


Although this feature is turned off. I have messaged PayPal tech team, they seem to be clueless.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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