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Store view issue

Store view issue



The main issue I have is that only the changed that I do under the 2nd row which is not the main store get applied (see on the picture), how can I fix this?


01-02-2019 11-28-57.png



Re: Store view issue

Hi @clemence_benharbon 


When you click on the edit button - from that second row , the form get appears - have you selected a store from there where you would like to applied the same ?


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Re: Store view issue

Hi Manthan,


Thanks for your answer.


Yes I did, see here this under the 2nd row:

2nd row.png


and here under the 3rd row:

3rd row.png



Re: Store view issue

Hi Manthan,


This is the menu that I'm getting but I did not choose a specific theme, I left it to main one for all the store view

06-02-2019 08-53-06.png


Knowing that I created one child theme "..storeview2" so if I follow what's written on the "Store" I think that the main stores should be under "custom pearl theme for magento 2" and the child under "..storeview2" but as you can see above the 2nd and 3rd rows are under "..storeview2" and when I tried to change the 3rd row (the main store) to "custom pearl theme for magento 2" I get the following error:


06-02-2019 08-56-07.png


I think that most of the issues that I have on my website are because of this but this is very confusing as I do not know which theme to apply to which store...