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Thumbnails cart not showing

Thumbnails cart not showing


on my dev site I have a problem with the tumbnails in the basket / cart. The image is not displayed and I have not been able to find the reason.

The url to the thumbnail gets an 404 so the path seems wrong.

Anyone who could help me to fix and how to fic it.


Re: Thumbnails cart not showing

Hi @KElund


I visited your dev site and checked the issue but it seems that everything is working fine.

I added the product to cart and checked that the product thumbnail image is appearing in minicart and shopping cart.


Please see the screenshot here.


Next time when you face this kind of error, try to remove your pub/static/frontend, var/page_cache, var/view_preprocessed folders and then run the deploy command as given below.


rm -rf  pub/static/frontend/ var/view_preprocessed/ var/page_cache

php -dmemory_limit=2G bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f



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Re: Thumbnails cart not showing

Found the solution and it was not what I thought.
I have an extension that makes the images url seo friendly and it has some kind of bug because it change the image url to a wrong path.

Thank you for your answer.

Re: Thumbnails cart not showing

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Re: Thumbnails cart not showing

It sounds like you may have an issue with the configuration of your Magento site. Depending on the version of Magento you are using, the configuration of the thumbnails may be different. You may need to check the settings in the Magento admin area to ensure that the thumbnail settings are properly configured. Additionally, you may need to check the server settings to ensure that the correct files and folders have the correct permissions. It is also possible that you may have an issue with the images themselves, such as missing or corrupted images.

Re: Thumbnails cart not showing


I understand that some of you are experiencing an issue with thumbnails not showing in the cart on your Magento 2.x stores. I'd be glad to provide some guidance to help resolve this problem.

  1. Clear Cache: Start by clearing the cache in your Magento admin panel. Go to System > Cache Management and click on the "Flush Magento Cache" button. This step often helps in resolving various display-related issues.
  2. Reindexing: Make sure to reindex your Magento store. You can do this by navigating to System > Index Management. Select all the indexes and choose "Reindex" from the Actions dropdown. This process helps in updating the product and catalog data, which could potentially fix thumbnail display issues.
  3. Check File Permissions: Verify that the media folder and its subdirectories have the correct file permissions set. These folders should have 755 permissions, while the files inside them should have 644 permissions. Incorrect file permissions can sometimes prevent thumbnails from being displayed.
  4. Check Thumbnail Generation Settings: Ensure that the settings for thumbnail generation are configured correctly in your Magento admin panel. Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Product Image Thumbnail. Confirm that the "Default Image Placeholder" option is selected and the other settings align with your requirements.
  5. Check Theme and Extensions: If the issue persists, try temporarily switching to a default Magento theme, such as Luma, to see if the problem is related to your current theme. Additionally, disable any recently installed extensions that might be conflicting with the thumbnail display.
  6. Debugging and Error Logs: Review your error logs and enable debugging to gather more information about the issue. Check the system.log and exception.log files located in the var/log directory of your Magento installation for any relevant error messages.

If you have followed these steps and the thumbnails still do not appear in the cart, please provide more specific details about your Magento version, any recent changes or updates, and any error messages you encounter. This information will help the community provide further assistance and pinpoint the root cause of the issue.