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Translation of configurable product problematic

Translation of configurable product problematic


I have a multilingual site with two languages (English and Greek)

If I create a configurable product (based on color) and configure the name, description and META fields for the initial (configurable) product in both languages, the tranlations are not propagated to the simple created products! So the simple created products contain information only in one language!

This is terrible news as I need now to go to every simple product of a configurable product and make these translations manually.

I have for example a product in 8 different colors. I now need to go to every one of them to populate all the corresponding fields that need translation. I cannot believe that magento is so primitive. Is there any other way to do this?
For example I was expecting that all translations  would automatically propagate to the newly generated simple products, so the simple products would have the correct information for both languages...
Please help, this is of major importance!