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Weird problems uploading csv with multiselcts attributes

Weird problems uploading csv with multiselcts attributes


I'm desperated. After tousands of tests, I'm not able to upload products with multiselect attributes.


This is what I do:


1. I created a csv file where in additional attributes i have two attributes:

- color: unique value attribute

- size_eu_multi: multiselect attribute

The structure in my csv in additional_attributes column is:




For a configurable product, each simple product row has different values, obviously.


2. I go to Magento backend, import and select Field separator "," and Multiple value separator "|" (without quotation marks).


When I clic on check data, it says:


Value for 'color' attribute contains incorrect value, see acceptable values on settings specified for Admin in row(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 


(All color values are well defined)


I tested it with other attributes and in one case, where the attribute had no predefined values, it took the hole cell values. I mean, if the structure were:




I can import it without problems, but the value imported in that case for "attribute_no_values" is "222,color=White,size_eu_multi=24|25|26|27,5,sw_featured=Yes".


So, my theory is that there should be a problem inside the cell to separate different attribute definitions.


If I select Multiple value separator as "," , I get no errors, all is imported perfectly but the multi select attribute values are not imported.


Where is the problem????


Thanks a lot!!!!







Re: Weird problems uploading csv with multiselcts attributes



I had the same problem and found solution. 

1. First of all change field separator from "," to ";" - because "," can be use ex. in description and magento does not manage with it.

2. By default multiselect attributes separator in magento is | and it is not choosable. The second separator which you chose is being using to separate many attributes in one column like additional_attributes.


In your case, save csv file with ";" separator field. On backend magento setup ";" as separator field and "," as second separator like here:


Then you should been able to import it. Anyway the easiest way is to import each multiselect as separately column. So you can addsize_eu_multi as a column and give it values: 24|25|26|27


I am quite sure it will helps ;-) Good luck.