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2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Attempted the ugprade from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 using the system update tool.


Everything went fine to the last step, it opens the consol windows and ends on ./composer.json updated successfully and just stops here. 


I had some other issues with the backup faling, but that worked in a subsequent attempt. I also had an issue where it just said "UPGRADE PENDING". I realized the store did NOT go into maintenance mode automatically. After manually putting the store into maintenance mode, the console suddenly started updating. 


The system currently thinks an update is in progress. I can't run the cron job it says "Update already in progress". When I return the web update page, it jumps right to the last step showing where it left off. 


Any ideas how to break the update cycle and try again?






Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Maybe this link will help you:


You'll need to apply the patch and then try to upgrade again.

It will be great if you can try and then share your result in that issue on GitHub.

Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Thanks for the link.

Unfortunately, I'm not getting any errors. 

The console just hangs after that last line of 'success'. 




Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Even if you apply the patch?

Did you check the Magento and Apache/Nginx logs?


Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Also, there is a patch available for PHP versions 7.0.2, but I'm running PHP 5.5.31


Everything is running fine, just wont' upgrade, and without errors it's making it harder to diagnose.



Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Also - in case it helps anyone stuck in that position, there is a hidden file in magento/var called ".update_in_progress.flag", deleting this allows me to restart the upgrade process (although with the same results).



Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

the upgrade log shows the same as in the console (magento/var/update_status.log):


[2016-02-01 16:00:06 EST] Job "maintenance_mode {"enable":true}" has been start$

[2016-02-01 16:00:06 EST] Magento maintenance mode is enabled.

[2016-02-01 16:00:06 EST] Job "maintenance_mode {"enable":true}" has successful$

[2016-02-01 16:00:06 EST] Job "update {"components":[{"name":"magento/product-c$

[2016-02-01 16:00:06 EST] Starting composer update...

[2016-02-01 16:00:07 EST] ./composer.json has been updated



Is there another log I can check?

Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

You could check system.log and any other log on var/log.

Also the error log of your webserver.

Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)


Thanks for sharing which solution has worked for you.