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2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

Re: 2.0.2 Upgrade Failed (Stuck)

I have been able to resolve the issue. 


Oddly, perhaps I msread something but the following worked:


However, I read contrary documentation that 2.0.1 had the fix so this wouldn't happen again, apparently it did not. The instructions I followed were not here, unfortunately I can't find the link to credit the poster, but they had a long line of "Toucn ......" commands for each "missing" file. I'm not sure if that was necessary, given the official Magento instructions listed here, but it worked none the less. 


I will add I know have a file permission issue with my pub folder I'm working w/ my host to resolve. I suspect this was a result of the upgrade. I saw others reporting some file permission issues after upgrading.