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Blank Order confirmation Email

Blank Order confirmation Email

I have updated Magento 2.4.3-p1 to version 2.4.5. Everything works so far, but the order confirmation emails are sent without shipping address and items. I have created a new email template and the same problem. In the order overview everything is displayed correctly.


Any Ideas?


Re: Blank Order confirmation Email

Hello, @ERAG (Thomas),


If you're experiencing an issue where order confirmation emails are being sent without the shipping address and items in Magento 2, here are some steps you can perform to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Check email templates:
    1. Please verify that the email templates being used for the order confirmation emails in Magento 2 are correctly configured and include the appropriate variables for the shipping address and items. You can check the email templates under "Marketing" > "Email Templates" in the Magento admin panel. Make sure the templates are properly set up to include the necessary information.
  2. Verify order data:
    1. Please double-check that the order data in your Magento 2 store is complete and accurate. Ensure that the shipping address and items are correctly captured and stored in the order details. You can review the order details in the "Sales" > "Orders" section in the Magento admin panel.
  3. Check email sending settings:
    1. Please review the email-sending settings in your Magento 2 store to ensure that they are correctly configured. Go to "Stores" > "Configuration" > "Sales" > "Sales Emails" in the Magento admin panel and verify that the "Enabled" option is set to "Yes" for order confirmation emails. Also, confirm that the correct email sender and email template are selected.
  4. Test with a different email address:
    1. Please try sending a test order confirmation email to a different email address (e.g., a personal email) to see if the shipping address and items are included correctly. This can help determine if the issue is specific to a particular email client or configuration.
  5. Check for customizations or extensions:
    1. If you have made any customizations or installed third-party extensions related to order confirmation emails, review them for any potential conflicts or issues. Disable any customizations or extensions temporarily to see if the issue persists.
  6. Update Magento to the latest version:
    1. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of Magento 2 and have applied any available patches or updates. Sometimes, issues with order confirmation emails can be resolved by updating to the latest version of Magento 2.
  7. Seek support:
    1. If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, seek support from the Magento community forums, or reach out to Magento support for assistance. Provide as much information as possible about the issue, including any error messages or screenshots, to help diagnose the problem accurately.

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