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Re: Unable to install patch

Re: Unable to install patch

the 2.0.0 version to 2.0.1 as mandatory by magento itself.


Re: Unable to install patch

Hi @Nefesh


Please see this link Update on failed 2.0.x upgrades with zip archives by Sherrie.

How did you install your Magento 2.0 version using zip file or using composer method?

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Re: Unable to install patch

Muk, in that thread there is just as much information as this one. So it isnt helping me.


Is there no other way to tell me a solution except refering to other empty threads?

Re: Unable to install patch

Hi @Nefesh, sorry for the delay. We were investigating 2.0.1 upgrade issues and released 2.0.2. Have you been able to upgrade?


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