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The Instant Purchase module contribution by Creatuity is an excellent example of community initiative. Creatuity took risks on their own and implemented the whole module from scratch without being certain whether it would be accepted to core.


This module allows all merchants on the Magento 2 platform to offer a streamlined, single touch process by which customers can make purchases. This feature utilizes the Braintree vaulted credit card method that’s native to Magento 2, allowing logged-in users to place an order with a single touch that’s billed and shipped to the default information already stored on their account.


Eugene Tulika

Contributions to the Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce is the best way to give back to the Magento community, it helps to have constant improvement of the framework, keep it up to date with the development tools, best practices. To recognize the efforts, Magento is putting in place a program that will track and allow rewarding Magento Solution Partners for their contributions. Magento will keep track of every pull request which comes from the partner and partners with the best track record of contributions will be specifically promoted by Magento and have a variety of benefits available through the Magento Solution Partner Program. This will provide better visibility on the partners’ landscape in the community and access to the promotion during Magento events.