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Thanks to the collaboration between comwrap GmbH, Balance Internet and the Magento Community Engineering team, Asynchronous / Bulk API functionality was first delivered in Magento 2.3.0 as a new API that makes possible the execution of operations asynchronously using RabbitMQ (which is delivered out of the box with Magento since version 2.3.0 as well). Details and history of Asynchronous / Bulk API are described in a previous DevBlog post by Oleksandr Lyzun. In short: a user sends the same synchronous request but in response only receives a bulk_uuid. This request goes into the RabbitMQ queue and consumers in Magento process them in order. Using this bulk_uuid, users can monitor the request processing. One big benefit of bulk operations is that users can send different operations using only one request (e.g. create or update list of products).