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Testing in Magento 2

Testing in Magento 2

I'd love to hear the views of others on how they are currently testing their Magento 2 builds, topics such as:


  1. Are they leveraging the out of the box integration tests or the MTF/FTF/MFTF? What was the experiance of running them?
  2. What tests do they write of their own (such as unit and integration)
  3. Do they practice TDD in Magento?
  4. Who in their organisation writes the tests, devs or a seperate testing team?
  5. How are people pushing tests in their organisations? AKA how to persuade people testing is good (assuming it is good?!)

Testing feels like one of those things everything thinks everyone else does, but in reality few people do, and I personally find the landscape quite confusing, so any chance to discuss with others would be great.

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I'm not saying I'd be a good person to lead this from a technical point of view just to be clear! My Magento testing skills are in their infancy Smiley Happy
pablo benitez
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I think this is a very important discussion to have. Not sure how many developers/companies practice TDD or at least try to.

Magento Marketplace should require at least unit tests for extensions to be accepted.

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Congratulations, this topic has made the cut for DevExchange at Imagine 2018!