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Magento Trademark Usage

Magento Trademark Usage



The web design agency I work for has a 'Business Partner Agreement' with Magento. We advertise on Google with Magento in our ads - but these have been flagged as requiring a license from the Trademark Owner - Magento. Please can you advise who to be in touch with at Magento that can authorise trademark usage of this web agency.


Many thanks




Re: Magento Trademark Usage

Hey Peter,


did you read this ?

Otherwise I suggest reaching out to Sherrie Rohde about this.




Re: Magento Trademark Usage

Hi Peter,

Did you manage to solve your issue?

Actually we are in the same position. We want to help Magento stores in Poland using Google Adwords however GA block phrase Magento.

Actually it would be great to exchange with the email. Mine is

I would be more than grateful if you write me back here or on email.

Best regards from Poland


Marcin Baranowski