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Magento enterprise cost

Magento enterprise cost

Hi guys,

Just want to know the cost details of enterprise edition ?


Re: Magento enterprise cost

Magento 2 Enterprise Solutions Edition license cost starts at $22,000.00 annually for merchants generating less than $1 million and pricing tiers up based on revenue.
This also means your cost varies as per your overall revenue. The more your annual gross revenue is, the higher you have to pay.

Re: Magento enterprise cost

Hello @saran_v 


Magento 2 Commerce Version ( Enterprise edition ) cost is depended on the Gross Revenue of the Merchant but following is the starting cost for both the editions


Magento 2 Commerce On - Prim starts with 22,000$ 

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud starts with 40,000$ 


Refer the following links for you reference : 


You can reach out to magento team from the products page and discuss the cost based on your requirement.


Hope it helps !

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Re: Magento enterprise cost

Hi @saran_v 
To know the exact quotation for your business visit and submit the form.

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Re: Magento enterprise cost

Hi @saran_v ,


The cost of a Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) is dependent on your store's expected gross sales revenue. In other words, the more gross revenue you generate, the more you have to pay.


The license fees of Magento EE starts at $22,000.00 annually for merchants generating less than $1 million and increases up to $125,000.00 for $25 - $50 million in revenue. However, it does not include hosting, domain and other incurred costs.


Magento now also offers a cloud hosting solution called Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE). Magento ECE is built on AWS and provides all the benefits of modern cloud computing including elastic scalability, PCI compliant, global availability, automated patching etc. 


According to Graybox, this platform-as-a-service ranges from $40,000.00 to $190,000.00 based on the same gross sales revenue tier as Magento EE. 


Hope this can help you! 

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Re: Magento enterprise cost

The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate, and so are the costs of maintaining an online store. Dordle With more and more users shopping online, companies are investing in eCommerce solutions to meet their demand. While smaller companies may not have the budget for enterprise-level software, fnf it’s important to understand the value that these programs offer for larger businesses.

Re: Magento enterprise cost

While the costs associated with maintaining an online store are increasing, the benefits provided by enterprise-level eCommerce software cannot be overlooked. These solutions offer comprehensive features, scalability, and security measures that are particularly valuable for larger businesses operating in the fast-growing eCommerce industry fnf. By investing in such software, companies can effectively manage their operations, optimize performance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, ultimately driving growth and success in the digital marketplace.