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Community Monthly Update - September 2022

Community Monthly Update - September 2022

Hello all!

Welcome to the Community Monthly Update for September. 



Quality Patches Tool Release 1.1.20

We are happy to inform you that #adobecommerce has released the latest version of the Quality Patches Tool (QPT) 1.1.20. It has been published and is ready for download.

Release notes:

The Quality Patches Tool delivers individual patches developed by Adobe and the Magento Open Source community. It allows you to apply, revert, and view general information about all individual patches that are available for the installed version of Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source. You can apply patches to Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source projects regardless of who developed the patch. For example, you can apply a patch developed by the community to Adobe Commerce projects. Documentation:




Security Patches Release - 2.4.4-p2 and 2.4.5-p1

We are excited to announce that our latest Adobe Commerce security-only patches, 2.4.5-p1, 2.4.4-p2, are coming October 11. Prepare now to be secure for the peak holiday shopping rush. Watch for more information on October 11.




Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source

The next release of Payment Services will hit the Marketplace by early next week!  We are excited to bring the following items that will add value to merchants on the payments offering:

  • Customizable statement descriptors- Merchants will be able to customize the text that appears on card holder credit card statements.  This way merchants who operate multiple brands or sites can have a more relevant name so shoppers recognize the charge and don't call it in as fraud.  This will save merchants time and expense.
  • Ability to offer only PayPal without credit cards- Now merchants will have the ability to offer PayPal (including PayLater & Venmo) without having to offer credit card processing.  This allows merchants to qualify for PayPal payment methods even if they don't need credit cards.  In addition, if merchants are using an existing provider for credit cards, they can still work with Adobe and offer all the PayPal payment options for more choice for shoppers.
  • Visual reporting- We have just taken data insights to the next level by offering a visual representation of data so merchants can see the health of their business visually, in a glance.

Payouts Dashboard Improvement.jpg




Marketplace Subscription Improvements

 We are happy to report that on 9/8/2022, we made some updates to enhance your subscription extension offerings.

  • Previously we had one price only for our annual subscription feature. We now have the option to set a separate, initial price for the first year of the subscription.  The initial, first year price can be higher or lower than the subsequent years.  
  • The seller reports have an additional subscription column to help sellers see subscription and non-subscription revenue. 
  • Payments are saved on the checkout by default for all purchases. 



Adobe Experience Maker Awards 2022

Learn how Laura Pezzotta, Head of DTC Personalization for Barilla, dreamed big to pioneer a hyper-personalized, emotional ecommerce experience and win The Experience Maker of the Year for EMEA in the 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Awards.



Community Engineering Hangout 

Community Engineering Hangout is a public event aimed to share the latest platform updates, gather feedback and spread technical knowledge with the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source Community.

Please visit to get the dial-in details, check the upcoming Hangout schedule,  and watch the recordings of our earlier sessions. 

Reach out to us if you would like to speak at one of these sessions. 



Magento Association

Adobe continues its support of the Magento Association with 2 Adobe representatives, Ritesh Somani & Stanislav Idolov.  

Coming in October, Adobe is rolling out a community prioritization model that will prioritize the items the community wants to see merged into the Open Source codebase.  Adobe will facilitate this process, in conjunction with Magento Association that will help in creating awareness of this process amongst the community.  The goal is to start this process in October!


Meet Magento New York 2022

Adobe sponsored and participated at Meet Magento New York (MMNYC) on Friday, September 23rd! Along with having the keynote update from Ritesh Somani, and Jason Morrell and Nitu Walker as solution  track emcees, Adobe made up 20% of the speaker sessions. The energy was vibrant and contagious between the community and Adobe, and are excited to continue to work together. We continue to support the community and cannot wait until next year's Meet Magento events!



Speaker Directory

If you are interested in speaking at Magento focussed events, please add your info here.

You can choose if your data should only be shared with Magento Association or with Magento Association and Meet Magento event organizers.




See you next month,
Parul Sinha