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Braintree vs.

Braintree vs.

Currently having to make a decision for Credit Cards payment methods. Current processor (3rd party) uses for gateway. I am currently accepting credit cards on my 1.9 site using I am dropping my processor and have narrowed down to or Braintree (leaning towards Braintree, cheaper option).

We will be moving to 2.3.5 in the near future was completed. Problem is I don't see an option for Braintree on 1.9 currently, it looks this would eliminate Braintree currently. As for going with, there is no option on 2.3.5 beings its deprecated. I do understand there may be an extension, but how secure and how good does it work.


As for as Braintree I have read where it slows down your site drastically during checkout. Another thing I have read that you should not use the included Braintree option in 2.3.5 / 2.4 and download the extension because it was more secured. Having said all this please give me the best choice between the two and experiences. Really want to use the Braintree option if the 1.9 and speed issue can be resolved. Thanks for any guidance 


Re: Braintree vs.

Hi bug!


Well, for my clients I build the site and I connect them paypal Payments Standard that is included in the system, because you want paypal users to feel at home always and speed up you checkout process. Plus no monthly fees.

For some reason almost everyone have accounts so I just use magedelight extension for my clients. is secure and even saves the credit cards in the system if you want so the client can use saved card to faster pay.


Run away from Magento 1 asap and make sure your developers are good in M2.


Am not against braintree, but it just looks like a weird company, if am going to try something different I would go with Adyen. is the processor big companies use and does not even have monthly fees. They make their own extension which is free too.




Re: Braintree vs.

Hi, great you have did a complete research but I haven't notices many things about braintree and authorize. net. As i am using both of them for my rca remote codes business. And the response and working of both of them are same. That why still now I am confused that which one is best. But trying my best to evaluate both of them and choose one.