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Variação de preços por estado

Variação de preços por estado

Olá, bom dia!
Tudo bem?


Estou precisando alterar o preço dos produtos em minha loja de acordo com o estado que o cliente selecionar, porém não estou conseguindo.


Alguém saberia me informar qual procedimento realizar?




Re: Variação de preços por estado

Hello  @vitor_dio,


Kindly check the functions which you need to set the prices for products as per the customer chosen state. will the prices managed in backend?

1) Customer arriving on site.

2) Then they select country and state.

3) Based on the state the price of the product will be changed.


1) Is this for all products?
2) Which version of magento are you having?
3) Can admin manage all prices from backend?
4) Is this function for all country with states?

Best regards

Re: Variação de preços por estado

Hi @madhuresan_ramanan 

Currently, I developed a system for product pricing and would make the API feed magento. But if there is another way to use only the back end in Magento.


It would work as follows:

The customer will always see the prices of the state of Sao Paulo in store, but when selecting the state to calculate the freight, the value of the product would be changed according to the state chosen (due to taxes the values are different by state).

They selected only the state, the country will always be the same.


Answer to the questions:

1) Yes, it will be for all products. Each product will have different prices per state.
2) I use Magento version
3) Yes.
4) The function is valid for all states in Brazil only.


Thank you very much for your help, I am not making progress and the project is too late.

Best Regards,

Vitor DIo