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startup training

startup training

Hi I am new here currently I am using WordPress but I am so tired of  errors. I have some questions about Magento:

1: can i migrate my website to Magento without losing my SEO ranking if so so i can migrate my website . so I will be need some guidance that how to migrate my website. 

2: I am newbie in Magento so I want to start training from beginning best regards.


Re: startup training

Hello @anthonymord250 ,

Welcome to Magento 
1.For first point refer following blogs that guide you about Magento migration and SEO 
2.The best resource to learn Magento is Magento Devdocs 
You can install the Magento on your machine and start practicing on it 
You will get more into it when you start doing practicals on your own 
Check the following youtube series for basic concepts

You can refer following blogs as well 

Hope this will help you
Thank You.

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