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Build custom form that allows to upload file

Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file


I've been using the relevant module from Landofder, and to be honestly, it saves my day. 


This tool will enable the Magento 2 store owners to create multiple contact forms with eye-catching template.


Easy to install. Easy to customize. 


You can try the demo first to see how it works and see wheter if meets your demands before making a decision. 


Thank you!

Re: Build custom form that allows to upload file

Hi mate,


Based on my experience, I believe that Magento 2 Form Builder Extension by Landofcoder is the best for your needs.


This module helps to create multiple website forms quickly and effectively to gather customers’ information. No specialized knowledge or coding experience is required, Store owners can believe that it won’t take long and take much effort to get used to the system.


I am totally satisfied with it, a lot of utilities, plugins everything is perfect and works well on my site.


Besides, you can take a look at this blog, it's will tell you everything you need to know about Magento 2 Form Builder.


Hope this is helpful!