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Seller Chat

Seller Chat

Hi there!
I want to enhance our customer services for our marketplace by offering seller chat for customers. Anyone knows about the best extension?

Hope to hear you soon! Thanks in advance


Re: Seller Chat


You can refer Seller Live Chat Plugin For Marketplace

Live chat is very accessible without spending time searching for contact details or email addresses. Visitors simply land on your website and launch a session. Landofcoder Magento 2 Live Chat Extension released to meet that demand which is a very useful module to help you chat directly with customers and clear their doubts about all the product’s aspects. The higher levels of satisfaction with online chat are partially due to the efficiency and immediacy of the experience in your site. Let’s look at some powerful features of Magento 2 Live Chat Extension:

  • Directly Online Chatting
  • Active Chatting With Customers
  • Instant Chat Box
  • Reminding Chat Notification
  • Auto Record Customer Information
  • Clean & Clear Interface
  • Easy to Join & End the chat when satisfaction
  • Convenient Login & Signup


When purchasing this extension, you can have it freely installed on your website by our developer. For further information, please contact LandOfCoder via:



Hope this helps!

Re: Seller Chat

Magento product questions extension allows customers to ask questions and receive answers on product pages, like or dislike questions and answers. Customers can also search and see all questions, answers on FAQs page.

Hope you'll find the solution perfectly suitable for your purpose.

Re: Seller Chat


You can check out our Facebook Messenger Chatbot Extension for Magento 2: This extension will help you create your very own Facebook Chatbot and that Chatbot will be replying to your customers on your Facebook Page.

There are many features that this extension provides:
1. Instant Answers using Artificial Intelligence
2. Show products from the store in Facebook Messenger
3. Call-To-Action buttons with each product result
4. Broadcast promotional messages, and much more...


You can also check out our demo in these 2 simple steps:
1. Login to your Facebook Account or Facebook Messenger app.
2. In the Chat Window search for "MageCube Magento Chatbot" and get started with the Chatbot.


Re: Seller Chat

Hi @thuyha

I'd like to offer you to consider this extension.

Zendesk Chat Integration from

Moreover it absolutely free! 

Enjoy using Smiley Happy

Re: Seller Chat

Hello @thuyha.

Having a marketplace is really a big thing, but one must take care of direct communication among customers and the seller. Most of the store owners do not take care of this aspect but it is the most sensitive and feasible feature. 

I can suggest to you the Magento 2 Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat that will help the customer to chat with the seller directly without any hassles. 


Advantages of using this extension:

  • Increase transparency among customers and sellers.
  • Seller will understand customer queries and requirements in a better way.
  • Admin is able to stop or start a chat server from the back-end.
  • Set marketplace chat system name to display on the storefront.
  • Seller can send and receive chat messages with multiple buyers.
  • Vendor can block a customer from sending any new chat messages.
  • Customers can Attach file attachments in the messages.

I hope you find this answer helpful!


Thanks and Regards 


Re: Seller Chat

If I was to recommend the live chat extension it would definitely be the Magento 2 Zendesk Chat extension. 

You can just install the Zendesk chat extension from the web, but that could have a dramatic influence on your website performance. The third-party extensions like Zendesk chat have a code different from the one used in Magento.

This Zendesk chat extension is great because it is integrated into your store in a way to reduce the impact on performance. 

It also pulls out the customers' data like phone number, email, and name once they are logged in so that you can refer to come customer directly to personalize the chat.


So my choice would definitely fall for this chat module.

Re: Seller Chat

Hello @thuyha,

As you're looking for the Seller chat for the Magento 2 Marketplace, you may go for the Magento 2 Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat


Please note, as you didn't specify here from which developer you're currently using the Magento Marketplace, so I'm assuming you're using Webkul's Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2, as it is one of the best and widely used Magento Marketplace Extension. 

So, this Magento 2 Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat will only work with Webkul's Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2.


Benefits -

  • It is compatible with mobile devices.
  • The buyer and the seller can communicate with each other instantly.
  • The seller of the store can communicate with multiple buyers at a time. 
  • Attachment supports.
  • Support emojis to make the conversation interesting.
  • Push notification supported.
  • And many more.



I hope this answer solved your query. If you find my answer helpful, then hit kudos and accept it as a solution.




Re: Seller Chat

Hello @thuyha 



Check out this Extension from marketplace. It may help you.


This extension can do:


  • This Magento 2 call for price extension can be applied to all products, specific products, all customers or specific customer groups.
  • Call for price applies on product page, category page, search and advanced search list, related products, upsell products, comparison page, wishlist page.
  • The extension supports multiple languages.



All the best!

Stay safe.

Re: Seller Chat

Hi There, @thuyha 
As you have mentioned that you are looking for buyer-seller chat I would suggest you go with Webkul's Marketplace Buyer Seller chat

With the helo of this module, you can integrate a live chat system into the marketplace. Magento 2 Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat allows customers to receive instant replies from the sellers. Each seller can do instant messaging with multiple customers at once. All the chat conversations are stored in the chat history section.
You can connect with them by creating a ticket here.