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CSV File Error: Image Not Correct

CSV File Error: Image Not Correct

Hi all geeks,


Right now I am trying to upload my entire parts catalog with images. All the images of the catalog are already uploaded to the Import directory. I upload the catalog CSV file with image paths but many items have the incorrect image displaying. I have tried this procedure many times.  I just downloaded the product catalog CSV and the sku's have the wrong image path and image name in the image field. What is going on here? I am not able to get it. I can give the line of file please open it and solve it? omegl ometv

Please help if you can. Hardly Thanks In Advance.



Re: CSV File Error: Image Not Correct

You can check if the data in the csv file has been imported into magento by checking the product data in the backend. If the data has been imported correctly, run the indexer command again to update the new data for the product php bin/magento indexer:reindex

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