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What are the 10 must have Magento extensions every ecommerce store needs to install?

What are the 10 must have Magento extensions every ecommerce store needs to install?



Today I'm going to explain the top 10 Magento extensions that you should have must install for your eCommerce store. Your choice could be different it depends on your store and strategies. 


In my suggestion, here's the list of top 10 Magento extensions. 


  1. One Step Checkout by Amasty. Payment gateway extension is a must-have when you tend to simplify a check out process, make it faster and assure clients it’s totally secure;
  2. Advanced Shipping by Owebia. Shipping is a very responsible process, which demands better control. This extension is yours truly to saturate a shipping page layout with all important sections, like price, quantity, weight, delivery date etc.;
  3. Snippets Generator by Apptrian is a worthy SEO plugin to make your website be in sight of potential buyers and provide it with total accessibility;
  4. Security by Mageplaza is definitely an important tool when your store deals with your consumer's private information;
  5. Performance Optimization Tool exists to optimize your site performance and enhance its page load speed;
  6. MageMob Admin by Appjetty was invented to handle your eCommerce store backend straight from mobile devices. With this plugin you’ll be able to manage your  website whenever you are;
  7. Language Translator by MageCube is a perfect option for international business to involve customers from any part of the world;
  8. Magic Zoom by Magic Toolbox is able to improve your client's shopping experience through the ability to zoom items they have their eye on;
  9. Shop By Brand by Appjetty allows buyers to choose items based on their brand preferences;
  10. Wishlist by Amasty. Online shopping gives a good opportunity to create wishlists to come back later and certainly purchase all chosen products.

It is not necessary that all the extensions which I've mentioned will be exactly useful for you. It depends on your store and your own strategy. However, if you know any other important business extension which I've missed in my list you can mention it in the comment. 


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Re: What are the 10 must have Magento extensions every ecommerce store needs to install?

Hello @ameliabelld682,


For all magento extensions to run hassle free online shopping business. Lets check it here Top Magento Extensions.

I hope my answer will give some recommendations to install more needful modules on Magento.


Please hit kudos, if you get any ideas.


Best regards

Re: What are the 10 must have Magento extensions every ecommerce store needs to install?


 Hello @ameliabelld682

To manage online shopping business using all Magento extensions. Let's have a look. 

I'm hoping that my response would provide some suggestions for more Magento modules that are required.

Here is a list of the top 10 Magento extensions, as suggested by me.


       1  Advance Report Magento 2

  • Provides advanced summary reports that get you important sales data. For example - the highest selling product, highest viewed product, products with zero sales.

  • Other reports include the most frequently searched terms, customer summary reports, inventory reports, abandoned carts reports, and so on. 

     2  Shopping Mentor Magento 2

  • Shopping Mentor Magento 2 is a tool that will assist you in completing an online purchase. Our mentor can help you with any type of online purchase.

    3  Zoho Inventory and Magento 2  

  • Zoho Inventory Magento 2 Extension has been a boon for small and medium-scale businesses for seamless inventory management. 

    4   Shipping Price Per Product Magento 2

  • Elsner Product Wise Shipping for Magento 2 is a great value-added feature for your eCommerce store. You can select the shipment price for the entire order apart from a single product, in addition to setting specific shipping products for each product

     5   Voice Search Magento 2 Extension 

  • Voice Search in Magento 2 extension is your ideal technology product that comes in handy while searching for your favorite products using a voice query.

      6  Blur Image Lazy Loader Magento 2 

  • Blurred images will download first to improve the loading time of the website. 
  • It reduces the server bandwidth usage
  • Superior and smooth loading transition

   7  Pay trace payment gateway 

  •  This extension eases up the task of the customers who purchase products on your eCommerce store by providing a direct transaction methodology. 

    8  PWA Extension 

  • Elsner PWA Extension is a Magento 2 extension developed by Elsner Technologies which provides a first-mover advantage to store owners. 
  • Provides app-like experience by enabling full screen or standalone mode option to the customers, thereby enhancing their user experience.

      9  Survey Magento 2  

  • For any business and particularly eCommerce stores it is very important to know what your customers want. This particular endeavor can be achieved by conducting a customer demand analysis. It paves the wave for your online store success
  • Supports multiple question type

  • Swift access to view reports.

    10  Monetico Payment Gateway Magento 2 

  • The Monetico Payment Gateway Magento 2 extension supports the sanction method payment page. With the help of the payment page, the fulfillment of payment occurs on the redirected payment page of Monetico.
  • Fully automated payment process.

  • Automatic Payment Updates.

  • Provides secure codes to enhance payment security.

Hope this will help you!