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Permission setting on VPS linux

Permission setting on VPS linux

I am about to install magento on a new VPS server. I am following the doc on how to install . in section for file folder permission . there is a setup for One user and Two user. I like to know . on a VPS server , should i consider One user permission setting or should go with Two user permission. This VPS is not dedicated so it may consider as Shared hosting.

I just wan to know before starting .



Re: Permission setting on VPS linux

I use two user permission on my VPS linux , and everything works just fine. initially i was with another host, for past 2 weeks trying to install magento 2 and couldn't resolve the issue with installation error.

Moved to new VPS provider, after initial OS setting , i again followed the recommendation on the doc and magento installed in 10 seconds or less . 

I found tons of help tutorials on digitalocean website with very clear right to the point on how to setup linux , apache , mysql . how to set owner and permissions. 

it is a must read and i highly recommend visiting their tutorial sections for anyone dealing with issues about their magento installation and initial setup of services needed to get your store up and running.

Re: Permission setting on VPS linux

Linux permissions allow a file or directory owner to restrict access based on the accessor's relationship to each file. This allows for control schemes that provide varying levels of access to different people.

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