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Capturing additional information - What are my options?

Capturing additional information - What are my options?

Hi there,


I am trying to decide whether out of the box magento is suitable for something i require.


My customers will be choosing a product which has colour variants (easily set up with attribute sets etc) and other such options which I could build in this way but there is something I can't readily see within the documentation - or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.


I need my customers to be able to enter some information from a prescription. This will involve needing to input approximately 10 bits of information in the form of Drop-Down boxes for them to select from (they are alpha-numerical values - and quite a lot within one drop down). This could either be at the point of putting the item in the basket, or during the checkout process. As long as I get the information attached with the order, I'm not too worried how I get it - as long as It's simple looking for the customer.


Thanks in advance, i hope someone can help guide me in some direction.




Re: Capturing additional information - What are my options?

On a product level, you should be able to use Product Options:


In essence, you can create dropdown menus as described on the product page, and whatever the user selects will be associated with that product on their order. 


Product options are helpful for a variety of use cases, including paid and free options. In this case, you wouldn't be charging anything, you'd just allow the shopper to make a selection.


Best of luck!

Re: Capturing additional information - What are my options?

Thank you so much for your reply regarding this.


If i just had these entries as 'Product Options' would it create a different product for each combination of dropdown selections.?


The only reason I ask is that the drop down menus will have possibly up to 100 numerical selections, and i have 10 drop downs roughly. This would create too many products, Or is it purely options that are added onto the single SKU?


Would I be right to say that next to every single  numerical value for the customer to select in the drop down it would say £0.00 next to it if it was a product option? I think that will look a little too messy unless it can be hidden.


Many thanks again!



Re: Capturing additional information - What are my options?

These are options that are added to the individual SKU. 


If you used a Bundled product type, you'd be able to create various Simple products that you could associate. These Simple products could have their own URLs, Inventory, and other standard features of a product listing. 


However, using Product Options is more like adding questions to individual products. While you can charge based on the answer (ie. Do you want this item gift-wrapped? Monogrammed? An extended warranty? Installation services?) there are just as many use cases where you're asking a question that has nothing to do with pricing.


By default, if you associate prices with the options, these will show up as +$____, however, if you leave them all as $0, there will be no mention of $ on the product page in relation to the options. You should be fine on that front. 

Product Custom Options Screenshot_Robert Rand.PNG

Re: Capturing additional information - What are my options?

Thank you so much for your help, this seems to be the perfect work around for me.


Last question on this front;


In a product option Drop-Down is there anyway to change the default selected value. So it looks like the following;


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3 <-- Have this is a pre-selected default in the drop down, with 1 and 2 still above it and 4 and 5 still below.

Option 4

Option 5


Basically creating the default selection the mid point in the list.


Many Thanks!


Re: Capturing additional information - What are my options?

I don't believe that you can natively select the default value through the admin in the way that you've described. I believe that would require an extension, like: