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Product Titles not Displaying on iPhone or Safari

Product Titles not Displaying on iPhone or Safari

Updated: New here, first post should have added it here in theming... Having some frustration with iphone and Safari display.


This page (all product lists) shows product titles on windows desktops and android devices, but they disappear visually on iPhones and in Safari browsers. They are there, but not visible. Any ideas what template or CSS this problem may stem from?



mobile titles gone (1).jpegIMG_0251.PNG



Re: Product Titles not Displaying on iPhone or Safari


Once I realized it was Safari too easier to track down. The ".product-item-name .product-item-title" on this install anyway (2.4.3) was using display: webkit-box, I overrode that in the header with display: block; and the titles now appear on iphone and mac os safari browsers.

If theres a better way to remedy this I'm open (should be a code base css change...).

Re: Product Titles not Displaying on iPhone or Safari

There are a few possible causes for product titles disappearing visually on iPhones/Safari for a Magento 2 site:


1. Incorrect CSS rules or selectors that target Webkit browsers like Safari. For example, an errant -webkit-text-stroke rule could hide text on iOS. Review custom CSS files added to the theme for any problematic styling.


2. Cache needs to be flushed and refreshed, especially full page caches like Varnish. Test with caches disabled to pinpoint layer causing loss of visibility.


3. Incompatibility between specific Safari version and theme code/elements. Try testing on Safari in Incognito mode after clearing site data.


Start debugging by simplifying CSS, testing without caches, and examining mobile styling differences. Check for JS errors. Compare theme template structure for product titles across desktop and mobile. This should reveal where the underlying issue lies in the front-end codebase.