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Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

Hello everyone,,

I am being offered a free Magento2 workshop that would last for 2 months, prior to getting the offer I never heard of Magento framework and I've only done some relatively simple PHP programming.

Supposedly this is some new technology and my question is would this be a good thing to take up and learn, I am mostly interested in the monetary returns since I'm still a student. Would I be able to get decent freelance jobs with this skill or do my own project?


Re: Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

Hi @dark_edge,

As you know magento is popular and great e-commerce platform.

Welcome to the community forums.

This community forums is a very good platform to ask the questions and try to help others.

You can also start diving into the

You can get an idea about the already reported/existing issue from Github:

Also, you should read this post: (in particular the guidelines)

If you're new to our forums, welcome! Take a look around, introduce yourself, check out our guidelines, and be sure to reach out to me or any of our awesome moderators if you have any questions.

You can ask also question to Magento Community Manager @sherrie if you have still issue.

As you are also a magento developer so you can always share your thoughts on this platform and yes definitely you can get help from existing community members as well

Looking forward to your contribution on this forum

Re: Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?


I'm a programming student at Fullstack Academy (after a vocational high school near Cibolo, TX). Magento was a perfect way for me to dive deep into the realm of PHP programming. “I wish you every success in your projects and best of luck in your future endeavors.

What are you presently up to?





Scott Kemp

Magento 2 >> buyessays


Re: Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

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Re: Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

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Re: Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

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Re: Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

Learning new technology is always exciting and can open doors to new possibilities.

Re: Being offered free Magento2 workshop, thoughts?

It's always a great idea to take advantage of free opportunities to learn new skills, especially when they could lead to more income. If you want to make some extra cash as a freelancer, having experience with Magento 2 could make you stand out in the job market. And who knows, you can start your own e-commerce project with your newfound skills. If you need to learn how to implement leading change, you can start by learning about change management strategies and finding out which ones work best for your situation. And don't be afraid to ask for help or advice from those with experience in this area.