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jQuery Slider not working on live site

jQuery Slider not working on live site

I've been using the jQuery Sliders Pro extension for one of my clients' websites, but it has suddenly stopped working. What's strange is that the plugin still works for the local version of the site. 


The live site is running version, and my local site is running version Both are running Magento Enterprise Edition. Could it be possible that jQuery Sliders Pro is no longer compatible with ver. 1.9?


By the way, I checked to make sure the settings haven't changed in the back end, and found nothing unusual, and I have sent a support ticket to the extension's developer for which I'm still waiting for a reply back.




Re: jQuery Slider not working on live site

Never mind, I solved the problem.


What happened was the block for the extension had been disabled when the site got updated. I checked this out by going to the back end and went to 'Systems -> Permissions -> Blocks', chose the jQuery Slider Block and set it to 'Allowed'. And now the slider is working again.