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Community Engineering Update – October 2018

Adobe Team



For this year’s Squashtoberfest, the challenge was to create 5 pull requests or validate 10 issues, or any combination of both. We had 37 contributors successfully complete the challenge, and in return, they will receive one of our special edition t-shirts. Thank you to all those who took part in this event, and a special thank you to the following people:


Vishal Gelani

Lewis Voncken

Pratik Oza

Dmytro Cheshun

Mehesh Singh

Sergey Mutaf

Burlacu Vasilii

Navarr Barnier

Rahul Mahto

Patrick McLain

Ihor Sviziev

Alexey Karyka

Jonas Hünig


Graham Wharton

Pieter Hoste

Shubham Sharma

Nikita Titov

Peter Jaap

Marcel Hauri

Kajal Solanki

Torben Höhn

Artsiom Staratsitarau

Vlad Veselov

Vladyslav Podorozhnyi

Max Almonte


Rafael Gomes

Anuj Gupta

Vitaliy Boyko

Neeta Kangiya

Denis Papec

Eduard Chitoraga

Lars Roettig

Yaroslav Rogoza

Ratnesh Kumar


Rick Kuilman

GwanYeong Kim





Contribution days


During the month we saw 5 contribution days hosted in Germany, Spain, Romania, and Mexico.


Hacktoberfest with Techdivision


Between October 5th - 7th, Techdivision hosted a contribution day during Hacktoberfest in Munich, Germany. During this event, contributors submitted 5 pull requests specifically for the Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) project. A highlight of the event was Vadim Justus adding extensibility points for all Data Interfaces:




Magento Live 2018


During Magento Live Europe, which took place in Barcelona, Spain,  Interactiv4 hosted a contribution day on October 8th. With over 60 attendees working across multiple projects, many improvements were achieved at this event. We would like to take a moment to highlight one pull request. Andreas von Studnitz created a pull request to the Magento 2 repository that cleans up test modules after you have run the integration test suite that comes with Magento 2. This helps to keep your build process clean and ready to process to a live enviourment:


Meet Magento Romania 2018


As part of this year’s Meet Magento Romania event, MindMagnet hosted a contribution day. During this event we received 2 pull requests to the GraphQL project and 1 to the frontend improvements.


Meet Magento Mexico 2018


Wagento hosted a contribution day on October 25th as part of Meet Magento Mexico. During this event, we had 11 attendees working on both pull requests and issue validations. During the event, they achieved 3 pull requests and more than 10 issues verified.


Contribution Day Brandung


Before the MageUnconference in Köln,   hosted 15 developers contributing to the GraphQL and Import/Export projects. During the two day event, 3 PRs were submitted in each project.


Magento Open Source - Statistics


During October, we made the following progress on pull requests and issues:


Pull Requests

  • Processed: 729
  • Merged: 527
  • Rejected: 202
  • Created: 772
  • Accepted Rate: 73%
  • Contributors: 235
  • New Contributors: 84


  • Created: 249
  • Closed: 183
  • Fixed by the community: 51
  • Fixed by partners: 48

Top Magento Contributors

All contributor stats are now available on the Magento Contributors website .


Top 10 Individual Contributors

Our top 10 individual contributors in October are:



# Contributor Points Created Accepted
1 VitaliyVitaliy 285 5 8
2 Sergey Mutaf Sergey Mutaf 220 11 10
3 Vishal Gelani Vishal Gelani 212 58 32
4 Riccardo Tempesta - The Rick Riccardo Tempesta - The Rick 190 5 5
5 Dmytro Cheshun Dmytro Cheshun 99 17 16
6 Pratik Oza Pratik Oza 92 24 20
7 Burlacu Vasilii Burlacu Vasilii 90 11 9
8 michizhou michizhou 81 6 4
9 Mr. Lewis Mr. Lewis 81 20 13
10 Kajal Solanki Kajal Solanki 80 7 4


Top Partner Contributors

The top 5 partner contributors are:



Team Name Contribution Points Created Accepted Contributing Members
Atwix 1037 40 43 6
Krish TechnoLabs 277 55 32 14
MageSpecialist 230 6 6 2
TechDivision 115 6 3 2
Interactiv4 114 4 0 3


Top Maintainers

And our top maintainers for October are:



# Maintainer Processed Accepted Rejected
1 Yaroslav Rogoza Yaroslav Rogoza 55 46 9
2 Vlad Veselov Vlad Veselov 36 16 20
3 Ihor Sviziev Ihor Sviziev 22 15 7
4 Josef Behr Josef Behr 16 10 6
5 Oscar Recio Oscar Recio 10 9 1


Community Engineering Project Updates


Please check out our new weekly newsletters for details on project progress, meetings, recordings, and more.  Every project entry includes contributors, PRs, GitHub links, Slack channels, and highlights of all work completed that week.

Check out the Magento Community Engineering Google Calendar for all events and meetings:


How to get involved


As always, if you are interested in finding out more about contributing to Magento, we recommend getting involved in the Community Engineering SlackIf you are interested in joining Slack, or a specific channel, please send your request to or self signup.


All projects have public channels to connect with us and community developers. You can also find us on Twitter @MagentoEngComm. For more information, see Community Resources.


We are excited to share that we have made the Cloud Deployment tools (ECE-Tools) open to the community. We also have a wide selection of additional projects currently running, and just started with phase 2 of the Bulk API, payment improvements and GraphQL projects. If you are interested in participating in one of these projects, take a look at the project overview page and let us know. You can also check the weekly newsletters for project GitHub links and Slack channels.


Ready to contribute? We recommend reading over the Contributor’s Guide and Coding Standards on Magento DevDocs. The guide includes code guidelines, accepted pull requests per release line, GitHub labels, porting information, and much more.