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sales panel

sales panel

Good morning staff, the sales panel my magento is zeroed. Sales are carried out, but the sales cycle continues, it is not accrued as sales. Follow the screen as it stands. Has anyone been through this and can you help me? thank you so muchCaptura de Tela 2018-08-10 às 5.55.39 PM.png


Re: sales panel

Hi @matheus_fortunato


I understand the problem you are facing !


As mention by you actual order is already placed and there but as per the screenshot Dashboard is not updating and its statistics is not updating.


So logged in to backend -> go to  the reports -> select all the reports -> from the action menu select - refresh stastics


then clear cache and check dashboard it will show updated order 


For more details steps refer this link -


Hope it helps !


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Re: sales panel

Hi, don't know but facing the same issue on welder for auto body store. even I hired experts to fixed this issue but all in vain. No I have emailed to the support team and waiting for their good response. If I found any solution will definitely share the solution here.