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Configurable product: variation descriptions & specifications


I am facing a problem with configurable products. If you create a configurable product and create some product variations based on lets say color & size, if you change the price and image for a specific variation and select this variation on the configurable product page, the price and image will change.

This is a very good feature altough the expected behaviour for me would be that the description and specifications for this selected variation would be shown, in stead of the specifications of the configurable product itself.

Why does it change the price and image, but not the description and product specifications?

I attached a screenshot to give you an idea of the issue.

I also used to have this problem in Magento 1 and found a module for this which solved the problem. However this module is not supported for Magento 2.

Is there a way this can be done programmatically or fixed in the core?



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