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Connect: Introduce Yourself!

Community Manager

Connect: Introduce Yourself!

Hi all!


If you don't know me, I'm Sherrie, the Community Manager at Magento, and I'm really looking forward to attending MagentoLive Australia this year - it will actually be my first time to Australia!


While I'm "in the neighborhood", I also plan to take some time before and after the conference to attend local meetups in Auckland, Perth and possibly Melbourne. If you have suggestions of things I shouldn't miss, please let me know. Smiley Happy


At Magento, my role is to connect community members with each other, resources and our team. You'll often find me here on the forums, coordinating with Magento Masters and helping Magento Meetup Organizers where I can. Since I'm already consuming so much of what you share, I also publish the #MagentoMonday Community Digest each week.


When I'm not lost in the Magento world, you can usually find me hiking, biking the coast, playing Pokemon Go or catching up on some show I'm tired of being the only one who hasn't seen.


What about you? Events are more fun when you have someone you're looking forward to meeting!


Need some introduction ideas? Try answering these, but feel free to add your own:


  • What's your name?
  • What does your company do?
  • What's your role?
  • What are you looking forward to at MagentoLive Australia?
  • Have you been to a Magento event before?
  • What's your favorite way to spend your free time?



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Re: Connect: Introduce Yourself!

Great idea Sherrie!


I'm Karen Baker, founder of WebShopApps and ShipperHQ. I'm going to be following Sherrie to Auckland/Sydney and Perth, not intentionally, just the way things worked out!


I'm an engineer by trade, I pretend to be a CEO but software is my real passion, I like solving problems and building solutions to make lives easier for people. Thats really where the business come from and still exists.


ShipperHQ is a highly intelligent shipping rate management solution. We basically take over that cart/checkout shipping experience and hopefully bring some great features to the Magento platform. Its a consolidation of the over 200 extns we wrote on WSA improved and re-architected for the future.


Magento wise I've dabbled a little bit Smiley Wink


I am looking forwards to finding a bar in Sydney, pretending I'm working really hard at the conference and getting a break from work for at least a few hours.  No seriously I am but separately i'm looking forwards to connecting to this part of the Magento ecosystem that is often so remote from us physically, esp to come to Auckland and see the Magento community there for the first time will be awesome. I'm also looking forwards to getting back to NZ as its my fav place to visit for vacation (along with the islands around Fiji!).


In my spare time I try to make my 9  and 11 year old put down their electronics and laugh, experience and enjoy life.  Thats my only goal right now outside work.


I've been to Aus Live before, was a couple of years back now. Looking forwards to spending a bit longer in Sydney this time, if you want to meetup give me a shout.


If you are in Auckland or Perth please come along to the meetup and say hallo, always good to connect to this wonderful magento community and share thoughts & experiences.


You can find me on twitter under the handle WebShopApps.


Senior Member

Re: Connect: Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone,


I'm Genevieve, I'm a Magento developer and enthusiast based in Perth. I wear a couple of hats in my working life.


I work with ShipperHQ as part of their development team on their Magento integration as well as their SAAS platform. Our team is based in the USA, UK and Australia and I love the mix of time zones and people I interact with throughout my day and night. 


I also develop Magento extensions as Blue Jalappeno. We have a "boutique" suite of extensions covering complex and multi product discount pricing as well as order export extensions. 


This will be my second Magento Live in Sydney. I am looking forward to seeing some of my ShipperHQ colleagues, meeting with some clients we've been working closely with recently and having a few beers with new friends. I am really looking forward to seeing Sydney again - it's such a beautiful city. 




New Member

Re: Connect: Introduce Yourself!

Hey y'all! 


My name is Quentin, not Tarantino. I am one of the leading Texas experts of ShipperHQ. My job is to facilitate drinking and eating in Texas for my co-workers. Aside from that, I am one of the engineers at ShipperHQ! If you use our software; we've probably spoken on the phone/email before. 


ShipperHQ is the bees knees of Shopping Cart Rate Optimization.We take over the cart/checkout and can do some really cool things there for the customers merchants. My favorite thing to do is to find my favorite brands/websites and get them on ShipperHQ.



I'm really excited to finally meet and talk to the merchants that I've been speaking to for a year or so. Australia has such a unique eCommerce community; I'm excited to dig into it more. 


This is actually my 4th Magento conference this year! I was at Imagine, UK Live, MageTitans and now AU Live. I'm really getting to see Magento's reach all over the world. 


In my free time I love to travel. My goal is to see all 7 of the New Wonders of the World before I turn 30. I'm at 2/7, at 24. I feel like I'm making good time. Oddly enough, I've seen 3 of the "8th Wonders of The World". I'm a huge sports fan, Go Minnesota Vikings/Texas Rangers/San Antonio Spurs! Aside from that, I like to wander around Austin, Texas trying beers and watching movies. 

Occasional Contributor

Re: Connect: Introduce Yourself!


  • What's your name?


  • What does your company do?

We (Magenable) are a boutique eCommerce consultancy based in Melbourne and specialising in Magento as an implementation platform. More details can be found at our website

  • What's your role?

General management, project management, marketing

  • What are you looking forward to at MagentoLive Australia?

Be in touch with wider Magento community, meet new people, get first hand updates about future of Magento from Magento theme

  • Have you been to a Magento event before?

It is my third time, always had great experience

  • What's your favorite way to spend your free time?

Travel, skiing, going to the beach with my family